Our 5 companies cover all aspects of your needs. Since our founding in 1960, The S&S Automotive Group has dedicated itself to being the best supplier in the United States. We have assembled a team of trained professionals who are equally dedicated to making it easy for you to receive the supplies and services you need at the most competitive prices available.

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    S & S AUTOMOTIVE INC., 1-800-323-1006

    S & S Automotive Inc., Tens of thousands of quality products to support your service & parts departments, including a complete line of fasteners to reconditioning products. The S & S Automotive Inc. is the only name you need you need to know for all your shop's supply needs.

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    S & S INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, 1-800-323-1006

    S & S Industrial Supply, We We are a distributor of Industrial and Safety Products servicing the Continental United States since 1960. We currently stock over 10,000 different items in our 100,000 sq. foot warehouse so that we can provide you and your business the level of service that you expect. With constant changes in regulations and new product offerings, our trained sales and customer service staff will be happy to assist you with product information, selection, cost reduction and any other requests you may have. We have the best prices and services available.

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    SUPERIOR SOUND INC., 1-800-323-1006

    Superior Sound Inc., All the profit building, high quality aftermarket accessories you need. The Protector Environmental Packages, security systems, mobile video systems, navigation systems and countless other profit-building items all sold exclusively in the new car dealerships and with our ten installation facilities and over 200 trained and certified technicians support you. We guarantee greater penetration and increased profits.

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    BEAR OIL DISTRIBUTORS, 1-800-323-1006

    Bear Oil, A full line of branded and non-branded, API-approved lubricants and services. Our privately owned fleet of tankers deliver millions of gallons of oil and oil-related products.

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    SUPERIOR F & I, 1-800-323-1006

    Superior F & I, Providing your F&I Department with the most comprehensive programs available in the industry, including extended service contracts, CLAH Insurance, GAP Insurance, Window Etching Deterrent and Tire & Wheel Warranty Coverage. Our comprehensive training, ongoing sales support and detailed monthly reporting help ensure your profitability.


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